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Tuesday 7th March 2023

Seminar | 4.45pm-6.00pm

Robust exchanges between judicial officers and lawyers in the courtroom are common. There are complex dynamics in this unique workplace. But when does a response overstep the mark and become ‘judicial bullying’?

If judicial officers fail to maintain the standards expected of them, confidence in the courts and VCAT is undermined and the system of justice is impacted.   

Developed in conjunction with the Judicial Commission of Victoria, this introductory session will explore: 

  • the Commission’s recent consultation on this issue, including development of a judicial conduct guideline 

  • the experiences and perceptions of judicial conduct 

  • what isn’t – and what is – judicial bullying 

  • the causes and impacts of judicial bullying  

  • how to promote a positive culture and support the wellbeing of all court users, including judicial officers and their staff.